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School Support Staff – Survey

Dear GMB Member,

GMB believes school support staff are forced to bear the brunt of huge cuts to the education budget imposed by this Government. We think this is utterly wrong and continue to fight for our members’ jobs and working conditions – not to mention our children’s education.

Part of this fight is exposing the increasingly challenging conditions many school staff are forced to work under – which is the purpose of this questionnaire.

We appreciate some of the questions below relate to difficult and stressful situations, and we don’t ask them lightly. We want to build up a picture of how tough things are getting in our schools and would like to share your responses, anonymously, with supportive journalists ahead of our congress in June.

We promise nothing will ever be published that could identify you, or your school.

This information will provide an update to the major survey GMB of 2015/16, regarding violence in schools, and will enable us to see how changes, including the cuts in budgets and reduction in staff numbers have affected members’ experiences.

We would appreciate it very much if you could complete the survey by going to the link below:

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact or

Thanks for your help.

Posted: 10th May 2018

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