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GMB’s Pensions Made Simple – Register Now (ONLINE WEBINARS)

Pensions Made Simple – 4 half hour webinars for GMB members
Find out more about pensions and why they are a trade union issue from GMB’s Pensions Officer.

Register now for our series of webinars via the links below. We promise that we’ll be talking your language. No confusing language or calculations, just straight talking about what you need to know about pensions.

Each webinar will last about half an hour and will consist of a short presentation followed by a question and answer session.

You can take part in the webinars with a smart phone, tablet/iPad, laptop or computer. And it’s free!

  • Introduction to Pensions: 6.30pm Monday 24 April 2017. Pensions – What does it all mean? This will be a half an hour session going through some of the terminology that is used – and some pension basics. Register here
  • Good and Bad Workplace Pensions: 6.30pm Monday 8 May 2017 Workplace Pensions – What do you need and how do you get it? This session will be discussing what a decent workplace pension looks like and how do we fight to get one. Register here
  • Defending your final salary pension: Date to be confirmed. This session will be all about how we look to defend decent workplace pensions as employers look to take them off us.
  • Sickness and Ill Health Retirement: Date to be confirmed. A recipe for success. This session will look at what we can try to do to navigate and be more successful in getting ill health retirement for members.

The webinars will be fully interactive, you will be able to ask questions and download handouts. You can pick and choose which webinars you want to attend, with each one only lasting half an hour.

Any questions email

Best wishes,

Carl Parker

GMB National Training Officer

Posted: 29th March 2017

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