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GMB says take back the tap


GMB are always fighting to get the best deal for our members and this is not just limited to the workplace.

Household bills have skyrocketed in recent years. None more so that our water bills which have risen by 40% above inflation since the industry was privatised in 1989.

This is partly because over the last decade, our water companies have paid out £18bn in dividends to their shareholders.

This is nothing more than a tax on every family which has cost the average household £750 over this period. Instead of this money being used to improve our water infrastructure or to pay better wages to people working in the industry, it has gone directly into the pockets of a wealthy few.

Moreover, the executives of the nine water companies have been paid out over £58m over the past five years! Enough is enough.

This is why the GMB have launched a campaign to put Britain’s water industry back in public hands.

Why not take a selfie with a glass of water and tweet it out with the hashtag #takebackthetap. If you tag in @gmbmidland, we will retweet your pictures.


Posted: 14th June 2018

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